Here’s a look at whether Devon’s genitalia are real or fake in the second season of “Sex Life.”

warning: This article contains Sex/Life season 2 spoilers. Without full-frontal nudity, it wouldn’t be the steamiest Netflix drama. Sex/Life season 2 viewers have been wondering if there will be another, ahem, penis after a certain gym locker room scene in season 1 got everyone talking. Boy oh boy, we haven’t been disappointed.

The show follows Billie (Sarah Shahi), a sexually neglected wife and mother who longs for the wild, hot, and sexy party days of her youth, particularly the ones she had with Brad (Adam Demos), the executive director of her Bad Boy record label. Her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel), who is writing a journal on her laptop about her fantasies, finds what she has written and uses it to spice up their marriage.


There were a few reasons why the show was popular with viewers, one of which was that Sex/Life went into detail about female sexuality in a way that had never been done before in popular culture: that a suburban mother of two still longs for sexual fulfillment. She starts reminiscing about her previous, possibly toxic, relationship with Brad when she doesn’t understand that. Cooper starts to watch his romantic rival out of jealousy, which leads to the scene in the gym locker room from episode three where we see Brad full-frontal; Cooper’s equipment was exaggerated to symbolize his lack of masculinity. In season 2, Cooper gets another look from his friend Devon (Jonathan Sadowski).

Is Devon’s penis from Season 2 of Sex/Life real?

Is Devon’s penis from Season 2 of Sex/Life real? Devon’s appearance resembles Brad’s in the first season, so we must assume that it is a prosthetic. Cooper and his friend Devon go on a wild ride to celebrate Cooper’s newfound freedom after Billie and Cooper settle their divorce. The two men hire sex workers to spice things up, snort cocaine, and get drunk. They make the foolish decision to drive drunk back to Connecticut in a sports car with an escort for each man.

Devon’s companion falls on him while driving, but because he is intoxicated and high, he quickly loses control of his car and hits Cooper. By the way, she bit off his penis when they collided in the middle of a blowout. Cooper and Devon are having a conversation about the possibility of Cooper getting back together with his ex-girlfriend Emily in the season two finale. Devon, on the other hand, is describing how he still has a lot more of his sexual life to explore. Cooper inquires as to whether the car accident had “impacted” Devon’s downstairs space, to which Devon responds: Are you serious? They put it back together. He claims, “I actually gained an inch.” Really?” Cooper inquires, Devon scowls and takes off his towel.


Cooper appears to be confused by the term “inner penis,” but he clarifies, “One of the tendons was cut, but that’s a good thing because it let some of my inner penis fall out.” Devon goes on to say: Let me start it for you because you won’t really be able to tell when it’s soft. Doc inserted a pump,” he continues. I require some assistance following the remodel. Everything is done automatically. I’m cool because I have a new, stylish curve. It’s liked by the chicks. simplifies hitting the G-spot. I never would have imagined that Piper biting off my penis would give me a fresh start in life. I’m just starting out. Even though it is still pretty taboo to see a penis erect on television, there it is. Shahi told StyleCaster what she thought of the scene: Devon simply adored his brand-new equipment.

As previously stated, we must assume that Devon’s genitals were treated similarly to Brad’s in season one. Showrunner Stacy Rukeyser confirmed to Collider in an interview that the show did not use a body double for Brad’s shower scene. No. That isn’t a body duplicate. Specifically, individuals frequently inquire, “Is it real or a prosthetic?” She stated Newsweek confirmed that a prosthetics team had been hired by Sex/Life for the show. Additionally, a member of the prosthetics team confirmed to the magazine that several prostheses are used in the scene. Newsweek says that Sex/Life had a number of prosthetic sex parts, and the hired prosthetic team has a lot of experience making fake penises, including ones that are much bigger than Brad’s.

Shahi confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Billie had to breastfeed in another scene that required prosthetics. Shahi donned prosthetic breasts for the scene. In the past, whenever you saw my character with Brad, that was something like Billie’s boobs. Then I can’t have the same boobs in the present because I play a breastfeeding mother. To get those suckers on, I had to endure three hours of prosthetic boob application,” she stated.


Tenille Shockey and François Dagenais are credited as the designers of the prosthetics in Sex/Life, according to IMDb. Sex/Life was “a bit different from what we usually do but hey!,” Dagenais, who has also worked on Hannibal, told Newsweek. Through the flashbacks, we were also involved in changing Sarah’s breasts.” On its UK and Ireland YouTube channel in July 2021, Netflix provided an answer to the question of whether Brad’s girth is larger than usual.

According to the National Health Service’s research, flaccid penises average 9 centimeters in size, but Brad’s member appears to be much larger than that in the Sex/Life scene. A voiceover in the video stated, “The average penis is 9 cm when it is not erect.” There is a great deal of variation on either side of that, but at the end of the day, Cooper is not wrong to feel intimidated by the competition. Everyone, take note: We are surrounded by a natural wonder.

A 2014 King’s College London study of more than 15,000 men was mentioned in the video. According to the findings of the study, the average size of an erect penis is 5.2 inches, or 13.2 centimeters, and the average size of a flaccid penis is 3.6 inches, or 9.1 centimeters. The study found that an erect penis has an average circumference of 4.6 inches, or 11.6 centimeters, and a flaccid penis has an average circumference of 3.7 inches, or 9.4 centimeters. Although the video did not specify the precise measurement of Brad’s penis, it did confirm that it is larger than average and a “natural wonder” for Cooper and viewers. read more….