Is Andrew Tate afflicted with lung cancer? Manager responds to rumors

Andrew Tate is said to have lung cancer, according to online medical records. His manager is now speaking out about the possible outcome.

Andrew Tate, a controversial internet commentator, is currently being held by Romanian authorities on charges of rape, organized crime, and human trafficking.


Last year, the former kickboxer burst into the public eye, drawing a lot of criticism for his views on women. He is currently in prison while the charges against him are being investigated.

Tate’s request for release was recently denied for the fourth time despite his pleas, and a recent health diagnosis is only adding fuel to the fire.

According to online medical records, Tate has a lung lesion in March 2023. The records claim that Tate has a lesion on the “right upper” portion of one of his lungs. These findings were reportedly gathered when Tate went to Dubai for treatment.


A letter from Tate’s general practitioner at the King’s College Hospital in the United Arab Emirates pleading with Tate to return to the nation for treatment was also included in the documents.

The letter states, “It is my professional medical recommendation that Andrew is urgently repatriated to the United Arab Emirates in order to undergo these medical investigations without delay.” Andrew’s physical health may be seriously impacted by any further delay in the aforementioned investigations, which must be completed immediately.

The documents that were leaked quickly sparked a slew of theories on the internet. Some people thought they were fake, and others thought Tate might be using the diagnosis to evade Romanian authorities.


The manager of Andrew Tate appears to confirm the diagnosis of lung cancer On March 3, Tate’s manager addressed the lung cancer rumors and asserted that the diagnosis was, in fact, accurate.

He wrote in an Instagram stories post, “Okay, a lot of people are asking me if [the] Tate lung cancer story is true.” It is true, yes. He was the one I drove to and from the Dubai hospitals. I don’t have any additional information to share. read more….