Nathan Lyon: Nathan Lyon impressed by Pujara’s batting, praised the Indian cricketer like this

New Delhi: Most spinners don’t bother taking a boundary or two in the hope of taking wickets but veteran Australian spinner Nathan Lyon is happy when batsmen play defensively against him. Lyon, the best off-spinner to have played for Australia, took eight wickets for 64 runs as he troubled the Indian batsmen on the second day of the third Test on Thursday.

The 35-year-old, playing his 118th Test, has taken 479 wickets. Talking about his approach to bowling, Lyon said, “It doesn’t matter on which wicket I am playing. If I can force someone to play defensively, I am very happy. The secret of my bowling is that I try to keep the players ‘defending’ against me for a long time. It means that I am bowling in the right line and length. ,


Leone further said, ‘It means that if the player tries to make a big shot on me, then I will not have much trouble. Most sixes have been hit against me in Test history, so I am not scared of getting hit. ’ He said, ‘It is a big challenge but it does not bother me. However, the most challenging part is getting players to play defensively against you. ’ The great thing about his performance was that he took all the wickets with ‘round the wicket’ bowling. Significantly, some people see this as a negative strategy.

He said, “I know a lot of people consider it (round the wicket bowling) to be negative. But I see it quite the opposite. I think it is very aggressive. Lyon has always praised Indian batsman Cheteshwar Pujara who gives his best against Australia. Pujara played a brilliant 142-ball 59 in the second innings of the third Test and played at ease compared to the rest of the team’s batsmen. The rest of the batsmen were seen struggling on the pitch.

Lyon praised Pujara fiercely and said, ‘He is an incredible cricketer. I have a lot of respect for the way he plays. Nothing can deter him, be it the bouncy pitch of Gaba or the spin-taking pitch of Indore. He finds his own way to deal with them. ‘ He said, ‘Young players can learn from his way of batting. He doesn’t play reverse sweep or shots like that. But his defense is unbelievable. In my view, Test cricket is all about playing defensively. We once again saw their level of play on another challenging wicket. read more….