Taj Review: Even Naseeruddin Shah’s solid work could not save the show, the stretched story bores!

Mughal History: Akbar is the greatest emperor of Mughal history. The web series Taj: Divided by Blood shows the picture of the struggles happening in India in the last phase of Akbar’s life. It also includes the mutual rivalry of princes for the throne. You are surprised to see how Akbar himself fanned this fire!
Naseeruddin Shah: In the era when there are attempts to rewrite history, you will find some truth and some hearsay in this story of the Mughal period. Taj: Divided by Blood is a new web series released on OTT platform G5. Here the search for history and the thrill of fantasy, both are mixed. The foundation of the Mughal Empire has been laid in India and this is the Hindustan of Akbar in the 16th century. Akbar has seizures from time to time and all three of his sons have become young. But Emperor Akbar has decided that he will break the old tradition. No son will get the throne just because he is the eldest. The one who is worthy of the throne, who will be like the lion of the jungle, his head will be crowned. In such a situation, will there be peace and brotherhood in the family? Will there be no bloodshed? The web series brings to the fore the battle for the throne between the Mughal princes.

story out of the books
Taj: Divided by Blood is an interesting series. stays tied. Its 10 episodes are of 40-40 minutes on an average and take you on a long journey into the past. There is a great team of writers and directors here. Who has also filled the colors of his imagination in the research of history. Here, along with the pages of history, he has also given place to hearsay. In this way, this story of Taj tries to get out of the history books and come closer to the common people. In the web series, apart from the mutual tussle between the princes and the competition to prove their ability, there is also a web of love between Salim-Anarkali and Akbar-Anarkali’s relationship. The triangle of Akbar-Anarkali-Salim takes it out of history and brings it into the popular zone. Creates interest for it in the audience. Here Akbar’s efforts to end the distinction between Hindu-Muslim and to give them equal status as his subjects have also been highlighted. A different color of his personality comes to the fore with the religion Din-e-Ilahi run by him. read more….