WPL 2023: After overcoming a setback at the World Cup, Hurley Gala hopes to shine in a “very good opportunity.”

However, Hurley had missed out on another excellent opportunity less than two months earlier. She admitted that it was very difficult for her to process the news that she had been ruled out of India’s successful U19 Women’s T20 World Cup campaign in January 2023 due to a laceration on her thumb.

“I am very excited to participate in the first-ever Women’s Premier League and for the upcoming games. It means a lot to me to be on the Gujarat Giants team. Additionally, I am pleased to be a part of this team as a Gujarati. A huge platform like WPL is given to young people like us, which is a wonderful opportunity.”


“It was a very difficult time for me when I was ruled out of the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup in South Africa. But then I knew I’d come back, and after putting in a lot of hard work, I’m back stronger,” Hurley told IANS during a private interview with the franchise.

Hurley, 16, had a strike rate of over 140 through middle-order cameos prior to the World Cup defeat. In four matches against the New Zealand Development team, he had taken seven wickets.

Cricket was only introduced to her by accident; beginning her career as a skater before she became a cricketer, she received instruction from Ivan Rodrigues, the father of Jemimah Rodrigues and a fellow Mumbaikar.


I started out skating. But then I hurt my ankle and had to stop playing. After that, I started playing tennis-ball tournaments and discovered cricket. After that, my father realized that I had the ability to play cricket, and when I was 13, he taught me how to play properly.

Hurley did not hesitate to change schools in Mumbai because of her intense desire for regular game time. Utpal Shanghvi Global School was where I was studying. However, I attempted to form a girls’ cricket team but was unsuccessful. They did not have a girls’ cricket team. After that, I moved to Grant Road in St. Columba. There, they had a young ladies cricket crew, and afterward the school matches occurred, which helped me.”

When Hurley first started playing cricket, the legendary pace bowler Jhulan Goswami was still going strong and became her role model in the sport.


“I love the way Jhulan Goswami used to bowl because she was a pacer herself—her speed, line and length, the swing, and the workout and fitness routines she followed.”

Hurley recalls watching the WPL player auction with her family on the same day that her father Tanmay turned one year older. Her family celebrated twice as much when Gujarat selected her for INR 10 lakh.

I was with my family as we watched the auction. I was eager to learn when my name was called, and when I was chosen, my family was very happy. The family has provided full support. My sister began to weep, as did my mother, father, and grandfather, when I was chosen for WPL.

Hurley is eager to grow as a player during her time with the Gujarat team in the WPL, having overcome a setback to get this far. The exercises are going well. In addition to cheering each other up, as players, we are simply enjoying whatever it is, including the practice nets, warm-up, and cool-down periods.

“As all senior players are there and we are youthful, they are assisting us with very welling with little places, similar to how we must be better and how to bowl as well. For instance, I get to work with them (the coaching staff) to resolve whatever is required during practice sessions and any issues that arise. read more….